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Chinese demand for UK education

Seen as one of the 5 key pillars that make the UK attractive to Chinese investors, education takes many forms. Will the move to new “Br-entry” visas allow for expansion of this industry or did we see the peak in 2016?

Soft power with a commercial edge

Children’s education for Chinese nationals has long been one of the ways to attract longer term business investment in the UK. So long as the family’s core educational needs are met, then pursuing an investment strategy whether in property or commerce is much easier. In the Brexit/Trump era it has been unclear how international students view the UK as a preferred location. We are also expecting to see adjustments to the solo student University and PhD market as geopolitical factors and personal safety perceptions come into play which consolidates the UK as the place for international students to study.

Vocational and professional studies are also an area where growth is expected. While less mature than the student market, the potential for medical, financial, legal and business sectors to name but a few is considerable.


James Tran – CEO JT & Associates

Addressing the issues of academic & cultural integration and provision of industry-ready graduates, Jame’s talks of the challenges now facing Chinese students when developing their academic and professional careers.

We will also be hearing from one of the leading Chinese education focused newspapers that will give insights into the trends for UK education. What courses are growing in popularity, which schools rank where on the league tables and most importantly, how the UK is positioned in the global market.

Who should attend

CEO/CFO/COO: If you want to understand what drives Chinese investment into the UK then this event is a ‘must’. Aside from the expert speakers, you will also get to meet specialists from finance, law and business to network with ahead of your decision.

Professional advisors: whether you are an education lawyer, financier, property expert or consultant, keeping track of the landscape for Chinese demand for education can help inform you of trends in this soft-power sector.

Professional networking – “Interesting people that are interested”

The China Investors Club prides itself on hosting events at the prestigious London Capital Club. This discrete first class venue combines with a limited number of pre-vetted delegates to ensure that you can meet like minded professionals and hold discrete conversations to progress your business agenda.