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Commercial property investment MasterClass

What will be discussed?

The UK property market is know for its Rule of Law and as such is very attractive to Chinese investors. While residential investment is fairly transparent, understanding the commercial property investment and development sector takes a lot more inside knowledge.

Through an interactive workshop designed to bring a commercial deal to life, Chinese investors will understand how to use all available resource and who to ask for advice and when.

Hosted at Laytons Solicitors offices along with Jones Langham & Partners, investors will get to meet experts in acquiring commercial assets.

  1. 商业投资的介绍
  2. 开始销售
  3. 你所听到的商业项目
  4. 你所听到的商业项目– 第二部分
  5.  提问和回答环节


Professional networking – “Interesting people that are interested”

The China Investors Club prides itself on creating an environment conducive to professional networking. By limiting numbers to each event and selecting relevant experts to support the China UK dialogue, all those attending are assured of a high level of personal attention to their specific business agenda.