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China Investors Club offers a bespoke place where the traditions and business of China and the City of London blend. We want to work for you. Creating introductions and opportunities in a professional environment built on mutual respect and knowledge. Our research team provide tailored solutions for City firms seeking access to in-bound Chinese investors. Club membership gives you priority access to networking with Chinese business leaders, entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals who seek to invest into Real Estate, Operating Businesses and Culture.

Founder РWilliam Franklin 

Commercial Real Estate

London office, retail and hotel assets continue to be attractive to Chinese investors. New demand is stimulated by regulatory changes in China and seeking new locations for Regional Offices. China Investors Club members will be offered the opportunity to present discrete investments to the Chinese investor community through investors forums and 1-2-1 introductions.

Professional Services

Club members will be able to offer their professional services to Chinese investors in a professional environment without having to establish their own dedicated China Desk. This means that lawyers, accountants, asset managers, financiers and commercial real estate partners can profile an audience they wish to present to then have the event planning handled by the CIC.


Whether investing in art or simply using it as a way to understand Chinese Culture, CIC members can receive priority discounted tickets to major Chinese exhibitions and events.


A transformational change is happening in China with regards to healthcare. Whether it is care for the elderly that follows 30 years of the one-child policy, clinical care through hospitals or local clinics or adoption of technology to support care-at-home, it is the sheer volume of individuals that need to be treated that is changing perceptions. The UK has a leading role to play in sharing its experiences in healthcare and by introducing leading experts to investors in Chinese projects, the China Investors Club offers a trusted place to share knowledge.


The magic of 11- UK manufacturing accounts for 2.6m jobs and contributed 11% of Gross Value Add (GVA) to the UK economy. This ranks the UK 11th in the world by output and also 11th in export volume and while our total output is just 11% of China, the technical skills built up over generations makes the UK an attractive place to do business. Historic relations with Chinese manufacturers have encountered problems in mismatched business and cultural expectations but with China rapidly becoming a medium cost quality manufacturing base, cross border trade will inevitably increase. China Investors Club will support both Chinese and UK firms to better understand the new trade dynamic and allow both sides to benefit. (Source: TheManufacturer.com)


The UK tech sector remains a vibrant urban ecosystem with strong presence in London as well as the M4 corridor and Oxbridge. Naturally sourcing funding is vital for growth and while Chinese investors have the funds, they have a two-stream approach. Traditional angel or fund-based investments continue to seek out established firms that can demonstrate security and positive cash flow. More recent to the market are wealthy Chinese who are happy to fund a Start-Up with uncertain returns but only if they have spent some quality time with the Founders. So unless you have a Founder with fluent Mandarin or Cantonese who can spend time in China/Hong Kong then the latter route is harder. Using the China Investors Club as a platform to exchange ideas and meet potential investors allows a trusted relationship to develop which benefits both parties.