• Forums for cooperation

    Forums for cooperation

    Overlooking Tower Bridge, our delegation build bridges for business
  • Chinese music for CIC guests

    Chinese music for CIC guests

    Suya Lee performing on the GuZkeng, blending business with culture
  • Another successful event

    Another successful event

    Bringing Chinese and British business together
  • CIC Chair introducing speakers

    CIC Chair introducing speakers

    Attracting specialist speakers to share their knowledge
  • Relaxed networking

    Relaxed networking

    Enjoyment of the cultural exchange is core to the principle of CIC
  • Active networking

    Active networking

    CIC brings a range of benefits to members
  • CIC partners

    CIC partners

    CIC closely aligns to specialists in the Chinese business community

Club Benefits

Building your links with Chinese investment


Understanding the new paradim of Chinese investors coming to the UK and then meeting their needs is something that has been raised in Board Meetings throughout the UK and particularly in London. Visible investments have made headlines in the press with property being the main benefactor but the hidden flow of money coming in for off-market property deals and business investment is more significant as it allows for a wider participation by the UK business community.

So how does a Chinese investor find a UK partner? Referrals by trusted networks is the most common route however unless you are part of this trusted network you will not get to hear about and participate in the wealth creation occurring.

The China Investors Club provides you with this ready access to Chinese investment flows, providing an environment where you can test the market, check whether your business is ‘China Ready’ and create strategic plans and partnerships when deemed beneficial. 

What are the steps a Chinese investor will take to expand their international presence?

  1. Seek out distribution platforms for their existing products made in China
  2. Prefer to deal with a similar industry sector that they understand
  3. Find a company that has a more advanced version of the same product and ‘import’ this back to their own Chinese product range
  4. Form a closer formal investment partnership/ jv


Understanding Chinese culture is critical to building a successful business partnership. As such, the China Investers Club provides you access to the range of non-business related information ranging from:

– art
– culture
– research
– publications
– education
– politics
– media
– social media

Every month you will receive a compendium of recommended events, publications and advice that will help you find your own way to being successful with China business.

Access to interns

London has a vast pool of highly educated, motivated and well connected students. Through the China Investors Club, you can access this valuable pool of resources through our Intern Programme. We screen all businesses and interns to make sure there is compatablity then build a plan to make sure both parties get the best value from the experience. The UK business can learn first hand about Chinese culture, trends and networks while the Intern can learn about doing business in the UK and deepen their business acumen.

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