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China Investors Club Our Services

Our Services

We understand that when looking at new markets or exploring an idea, you would like to have a conversation without feeling as though you are committing to a contractual relationship. The China Investors Club is happy to schedule a call to listen to your ideas or concerns and provide independent practical feedback. We have included below some of the topics raised by those that call in however, we are able to cover a wide range of subjects – call us now to learn more!

How easy is it to export my product to China
Do I need a licence to sell in China
Which area of China should I start working in
I want to find a reliable manufacturer in China
My previous Chinese partner has not worked out – can you suggest other routes
How easy is it to get my money out of China

Once you decide you wish to enter the Chinese market we offer Market Entry support. This ranges from consultations to market reports and direct supplier and/or client contracts. Our network of legal advisors cover topics such as company formation, shareholder agreements, licence applications and IP enforcement. Meanwhile our specialist accountants can help with your operational activities including HR & Payroll, taxation and regulatory reporting. Each of our chosen professional partners are specialists in both Chinese and UK practices and can help you build confidence when entering this exciting market.

Choose from one of the four categories to decide how China Investors Club can help you with your business need.

Our Market Research supports your first steps to commercialising your business in China. By reviewing current activities and assessing them in the context of China, we can offer you the best information available to make strategic decisions.

Using your own Market Research or that provided by China Investors Club, we assess the range of options available to you that meet your strategic aims. Working with you, we then select the most appropriate strategic option and develop your China Business Strategy.

To ensure maximum transparency and confidence in formation of any new partnership, we enable management teams from both China and UK to meet each other at their respective locations. Such meetings often open up previously unplanned opportunities and we are on-hand to ensure core objectives remain in-focus while mot missing future commercial opportunities. 

We support your project long after contractual partnerships have been formalised. This includes representation at China-based Board meetings, assessing performance of the original project and assessing potential for new projects to be successful.